When consumers think of the 2008 Financial Crisis that absorbed America, the thought that should come to mind is, can this happen again and I am prepared for it? There were many factors involved in the 2008 Financial Crisis, consumer got hit the hardest with little to no Financial planning for the future or even the present when the markets crashed.  Economy and Consumer confidence was high that the bull market would last, credit lending was very flexible and homeownership was at a boom.

No one during these times, gave a thought of applying any extra equity that was created with homeownership, bonus, etc to an insurance product such as an Annuity or Universal Life product to fall back on, just in the case the markets retreated or slid a bit. No one figured the markets would crash and America would be thrown into the one the worst collapses since the great depression of 1929. Consumers who had 401ks with employers found out their 401ks were worth half of what they were before the market crashed, an ugly truth of the 2008 Financial Crisis when consumers were left with the losses, due to no future planning or investments that could have helped minimize losses when they occurred.

While 10 years have passed since the 2008 Financial Crisis, has the Financial Industry learned from its past mistakes? Have consumers learned to protect themselves and invest in more diverse products that will minimize losses should another 2008 Financial Crisis? There have been many headlines recently with Banks, especially Wells Fargo, putting profits over consumers. There are signs from some of these banks, that the current bull run will continue to move forward, and an influx of flexible credit is beginning to take place again.  Even Congress has relaxed rules that where put in force due to the 2008 Financial Crisis. This echoes the movements and patterns of banks, before the Financial Markets crashed.

Americas Financial Landscape has changed and consumers would be better off adapting to these changes and taking charge of their own Financial future. Consumers have the power with the internet now more than ever to empower themselves of infinite number of Investment products available to them both from Wallstreet and the Insurance Industries. Is one better than the other? Well that is a question best answered between the consumer and their Financial Consultant when preparing for their Financial future.  To learn more about the difference between Annuities, Universal Life and how they may help minimize losses should another 2008 Financial Crisis occur, please contact me.


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