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Francisco Garcia Jr. | Retirement Planning Specialist

Francisco Garcia Jr attended Arizona State University majoring in Business Management and Technology. He has a background in Financial and Real Estate services and has spent over 14 years in Scottsdale; AZ. In his spare time Francisco likes to enjoy what Arizona has to offer,  the Greenbelt for a casual bike ride to the many diverse restaurants that Oldtown Scottsdale has to offer its residents.  Francisco has an appreciation for older Porsche 911s and the rich history that Porsche has for car racing.  Francisco started Waterfront Financial Management Group INC. (WFMGINC) to offer commercial and residential real estate consultingestate investment protection strategies, insurance investment products, and equity investment allocation guidance . Francisco believes through discovering, consulting, and enacting client appropriate advice with targeted and suitable recommendations WFMGINC success will flow from our client’s financial success. Proper investment planning is always beneficial for the clients retirement benefits and that is the #1 goal for WFMGINC to obtain.